What is PBL?

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Reviewing the literature on PBL you come across different perspectives. Some see Project and Problem Based Learning as nearly synonymous. Others see Problem Based Learning as one form of Project Based Learning. For the purposes of this blog, for the moment, let’s adopt the latter view as my main understanding of PBL comes through working on Problem Based Learning. It might be an enlightening journey….

PBL, therefore, could refer to Problem Based Learning or Project Based Learning. Many people, more experienced and knowledgeable about both forms, have written about PBL – I will provide references and links as I come across them. There is little point in trying to repeat exactly what they have to say.

It is also worth pointing out that PBL has its roots in North American schools and much of the research and literature relates to this context.

It is my intention, taking into consideration the literature, to write about what PBL means to me and my professional context.


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