My interest in PBL started during the Studies for my MA in TESOL and Technology (completed in 2012). My dissertation ‘Mind the gap: fostering motivation and autonomy in Turkish university students’  sought to do so through an 8 week integrated skills project based around Problem Based Learning.

The ideas for the blog come from  this research, my musings on PBL since and the chance to hopefully implement PBL in my current teaching context.

An Academic Blog?

A blog is of course fairly informal and I am writing, in one sense, for myself – playing around with ideas. PBL is not new and, although I hope to bring new applications of PBL to my teaching context, I am relying on the work of many other people.

I will reference and credit all the sources I have used – hopefully indicating whenever I refer to others work. My writing is not for academic purposes and whilst I will if possible paraphrase (if I don’t quote directly) – it may not be to an accepted academic standard.

So in short if you are interested in the ideas I discuss for your own academic study refer to the sources I reference first. I would of course welcome any correspondence or comments about the ideas I express.



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